Photography Workshops

Coventry Photography Workshops
Studio based model photographer/ wedding photographer provides 1-2-1 photography tuition and lighting workshops designed to teach YOU what YOU want to learn.
Bespoke photography courses and lighting tuition. Photography workshops cover basic digital photography up to advanced photography techniques. Tuition is pitched at a level to suit your needs. Photography courses can be completed as a 1-day photography workshop or spread over several shorter sessions. Photography classes combine both practical learning and theory. Remote photography tuition is also available at with access to 1-2-1 Zoom calls and over 150 posts for just the price of 1 cup of coffee! (Approx). Join us today!

Photography Workshop Courses - I offer clients 1-2-1 photography tuition. Photography workshops available include and are not limited to the following topics -

Camera Courses:
  • How to use your DSLR / Digital camera
  • Learn how to operate a rangefinder camera such as a Leica M9
  • Understanding camera Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed settings
  • What is white balance and how can it be used creativity in your photography
  • Operating your digital camera in Manual mode
  • Understanding your DSLR Histogram
  • Advantages of shooting RAW files over JPEG
  • Macro photography
  • Freelensing
  • Portrait photography course - How to pose model
  • Learn how to operate a traditional Film camera (including loading and unloading film)
  • Improving the composition of your photographs
  • Basic darkroom techniques - learn to develop your own black and white film at home

FED-2 & Industar 26M

Lighting Courses:
  • Learn how to SEE light in any given situation
  • Available light photography (day and night)
  • Portrait photography with a single light setup (speedlight and/or studiolight)
  • Portrait photography with a multiple light setup (speedlights and/or studiolights)
  • Using studio lights (both in the studio and on location)
  • Mastering your Flash / Speedlight (Uses on camera flash and off camera flash)
  • How to balance ambient light and flash light
  • How to use a light meter
  • Learning what is the best light modifier for the look you want to achieve
  • 10 ways to use a 5-in-1 Reflector

London Photography Workshop 2014

Photography Courses Price

1) London Leica Photography Workshop - London Photography Workshops

2) Coventry Studio Photography Workshop - Minimum booking duration of 2 hours (weekdays) and 4 hours (weekends)
  • Equipment available to hire during workshops (including Nikon and Leica cameras and lenses plus lighting)
  • Model can be provided on request for workshops at an additional cost
  • Tea and coffee refreshments provided throughout the day
  • On road parking available outside the studio
  • Post-workshop technical support is available if required

3) Overseas 1-2-1 Model Photography Tuition - If you live outside the UK I am happy to travel to meet you. I have ran 1-2-1 photography workshops in Amsterdam, Zurich and New York.

London Photography & Lighting Workshop

Approved provider for Jaguar Land Rover "JLR" employees via the JLR Employee Learning Scheme (JLR ELS Photography Workshop) - 2014-2017 (I now only accept direct non-JLR bookings)