Film Photography

Large format, medium format and 35mm film photography. Hasselblad cameras, Leica cameras and Mamiya. Join me in my passion for black and white film photography and the occasional Kodak Portra colour moment.
Why do I offer film photography in the digital era?

Film and film cameras excite me. Whether a Hasselblad camera or a Leica camera, I enjoy everything from loading the film to hand developing and scanning the film negatives.

BLOG - Film Photography (with example images)

Fomapan 100@800

Need help with your film camera or film developing?
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Why chose film over digital?
Colour film captures very natural skin tones that is perfect for model portraits and wedding photography. B&W photography eliminates the distractions of colours and is more about the mood and feel of the image. I love the textures and the fine art, timeless look they have. Medium format film photos, whether colour or B&W, have a 3D effect that can be difficult to replicate with digital. You can almost touch the face or object in the photo. Yes film is more expensive but for me I believe it is worth it.

Fashion on FILM

Benefits of digital?
Despite my love for film photography I am aware of the advantages of digital. You can shoot faster, for longer, in less light for less cost. modern digital cameras such as my Leica M 240 and Nikon D800 can work with very little light or fuss. There are no pauses to change film or requirement to decide in advance whether to select colour or B&W film. The LCD display instantly shows me the image taken which I can share with my client. For fast action such as a first dance, digital allows me to take a series of shots rather than just one or two

Good Morning World

What I offer my clients?
I like to offer the best of both traditional film photography and digital photography, whether models or wedding couples. My preferred packages include a mix of both film and digital photography. Film for when the light is good and then digital after dark.

Hasselblad + Ektar Portrait

Film I use includes; (120 medium format film and 35mm film)
> Kodak B&W T-MAX 100 (TMX): World's finest grained 100-speed B&W film
> Kodak B&W T-MAX 400 (TMY): World's sharpest & finest grained 400-speed B&W film
> Kodak Portra 160/ 400/ 800 Colour film: Exceptional skin tones/ Finest grain colour 400-speed film/ Superior underexposure latitude for less-than-perfect conditions